Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Round Up: Cozy Weekender

Who doesn't love a spending a cozy weekend at home?  Since it's the finest time of year to do so, here's a little round up of some of my favorite things to do while lounging...

No. 1  A soft cozy shirt.  With stripes, of course!

No. 2  I bought a pair of these socks from Madewell when we visited San Francisco.  Pretty + comfy!

No. 3  A great pair of sweatpants.  These beauties aren't the tattered balloon-y versions we knew as kids.  You'll look {and feel!} refined {even if you are just taking a nap}.

No. 4  Is there anything better than wrapping up in a cashmere blanket?  Maybe, but not much.

No. 5  A campfire candle!  It will smell like fall even if it's 90 degrees where you live. 

No. 6  These are my go-to movies.  Little Women, A River Runs Through It and What's Eating Gilbert Grape{As a southern girl I must also include Fried Green Tomatoes and Steel Magnolias on this list}

No. 7  Pumpkin soup.  Let your taste buds delight!

No. 8  I first read Prince of Tides when I was in college.  If you've never read a book by Pat Conroy, you simply must.  This book is magic.  It will make you laugh, cry and want to read all day.  His writing is so beautiful that I find myself reading passages out loud just to hear the words.

If you haven't already, add Fannie Flagg's novel Welcome to the World, Baby Girl to your reading list.  This woman is seriously funny and you'll laugh out loud at more than one part in her feel-good, fire-cracker novel.

No. 9  Le Pen est magnifique! And comes in a whole host of colors. 

No. 10  Catch up {or start} on your correspondence with pretty stationary from Austin Press.  

So what does your cozy weekend look like?  Is it similar to mine or am I missing out on a key cozy item?  I'd love to know!

Comfort food

My loves, I've got comfort food on my mind.  What do you crave when you're sick or, in my case, after you've had surgery?  After Paul's shoulder surgery, I made chicken consommé, which is like a refined version of chicken broth.  If you've never had it, make yourself some homemade chicken stock this weekend and follow this recipe.  I promise you it's worth the effort.

p.s. You could drink it out of this mug, which may make it taste even better!


Tuesday, October 4, 2011

The Sweetest Superhero

Dylan decided to be an old man for Halloween this year, and to this Mom that means one thing: he isn't going as Spiderman!

While I was mentally celebrating a Superhero-less Halloween, I came across this photo of Paul and my disregard for the superhero movement faltered momentarily.  I'm pretty sure this is the sweetest superman to ever walk the earth.  I'm guessing that one of these days I'll have to come to terms with Dylan dressing up as Spiderman or Batman or the Green Hornet (hopefully before he is seven and not randomly during his thirties).  But if my little guy looks as sweet as his Dad did I may not mind.

To be clear: if Dylan wanted nothing more in the world than to dress like Spidey for Halloween then I would let him.  But I wouldn't have to like it.  These Superheros bug me.   And, as is the case with most things that bug parents, your kid loves it!  Mind-numbing banging?  Kids just can't get enough of it!  Endless whining games?  Their favorite past time!  Bob the Builder's voice?  Music to their ears!

Go figure, right?

Maybe Bob the Builder's creepy voice put me over the edge or maybe this is one of my Debbie Downer Mommy moments but, guess what: I don't like you Spiderman.  Or you either Batman and Ironman.  You guys are weird, you all have lame comebacks and I can make a better costume than all of yours put together.  I've deftly avoided your tacky bedding and annoying toys for almost four years {exception made for last minute Easter basket Spiderman pajama addition} and I'll do my best to make it through the next four without getting to know any of you any better.

For the record: I hold no judgement towards anyone who gives into their child's Superhero love-fest. I'll have you know I blatantly bribe my child to get out of buying said Superhero items so you should probably judge me.  But don't worry, I'm going to get mine soon.  Dylan asked for a Super Spiderman and Batman birthday party the other day.

Go figure.


I'm facing the hard reality that our sweet Colette is forever gone.

Five years ago when Paul and I were living in Houston, I had a weak moment when I took our other cat to the vet and ending up bringing home Colette and her brother, Fonz.  Funny fact: I had two weak moment animal adoptions in college and they still live with my parents (ha!).  Thanks Mom + Dad! : )

Colette was tiny, only nine pounds full grown, and I always thought it was cute that Fonz was so much bigger than her.  We called her our commercial kitty because she always seemed to find a spot and position that looked like some kind of advertisement.  She was really pretty, too and I often couldn't resist cuddling her against her will.

I'll miss watching her nimbly climb to the highest spot she could find, turning on the water faucet for her to get a drink (seriously) and seeing her and Fonz lovingly clean each other or taking naps together like they did since they were kittens.  I know they are cats, but I can't help wanting to explain to Fonz why she isn't with us anymore or somehow know he is comforted by the extra love we've been giving him.  I've realized that even cats can be sad: he seems so lost and lonely without her.

We live out in the country, so coyotes and foxes and even bobcats (!) come with the territory. But, even though it's all a part of nature I can't help wish whatever got her could have found a wild rabbit or some other animal who wasn't so well loved to eat.  This may make me seem like a total nut, but I can't stop myself from imagining the attack and cringing with despair.  I hope her death was quick and I am glad her little life was full of love and lots of great naps.

Bye sweet Colette.  We'll miss you always.

Top image of Fonz {left} + Colette {right}
Bottom image of Colette + Fonze as kittens.

Favorite Things: Weekend Recap

Hi loves.  My Monday was so full I felt a bit overloaded.  So, to catch up, here are a few weekend moments I loved thinking about during my very on Manic Monday.

After soccer, Dylan and I ran to the grocery store.  I've been splurging and going to the gourmet one lately.  The food is just so much better and, I admit, I just love walking around the store.

Dylan loved the lobsters.  Poor guys...

I loved this clever Obsessive Chopping cutting board.  Wouldn't it make a fun gift?  

 And, of course, my weakness for Weck Jars.  They're just so pretty!

I picked up some Lemon Fettuccine!

 Eiffel Tower pasta!

Pac-man candy.  This took me back, man.

We saw the Lion King with my sister, Kim, and niece, Brooke.  It was so good.  I got chills at the beginning and teared up (again) when Mufhasa died.  Dylan loved it!
 Dylan practicing his pouncing after the movie. Can you spot him?

 This just makes me laugh.  Dylan in our construction zone of a backyard.  Porch in progress...

I'm dreaming of the yummy grilled cheese sandwiches I made on Sunday,

 And I love that Dylan lines up all of his toys...

Hope you all had a wonderfully happy weekend.
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