Friday, December 2, 2011

A reminder

Last night Paul and I saw The Descendants.  We both loved it.   The story follows a man (George Clooney) and his two daughters as they struggle to define a new life together after his wife and their mom is in a tragic boating accident.

Paul and I both walked away reminded of how, just a few months ago, our lives could have quickly taken a very different course.  A few months after Paul's accident I caught myself counting up the misfortune we've had this year: Family problems, Paul's near-death accident, my surgery, struggling with infertility, even losing our cat, the list went on and on inside my head.  But, then I realized: these are all problems we've endured, issues we've overcome together.  2011 was a difficult year, yes.  But we persevered.  We remained a family.  We found peace, joy and an abundance of love. 

I'm feeling deeply grateful that we could sit together in a dark theater, share popcorn and candy and, after, leave the theater thankful for the live we still have, and head home to our little boy.

So, here's to life's noble reminders.  And may they always be accompanied with a loved one by your side and a bag of popcorn in your lap.


First two images taken after Paul's accident
Top image: the first time Paul and Dylan saw each other
Middle image: Dylan showing Paul his own boo-boos
Bottom image: taken this Thanksgiving

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Happy December!

Hello, December!  We've been busy little bees over at the Meyer household.  After a delightful Thanksgiving spent with Paul's family, we hit the ground running preparing for a superhero birthday party for our out of this world and soon-to-be FOUR year old!  Here's a peek at his Save the Date, plus one of my favorite Christmas photos to celebrate the beginning of the holiday season. Happy tree trimming!


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