Thursday, June 9, 2011

99 on June 9

Today is June 9 and the heat index is 99.

There are many reasons this is depressing, but I'll spare you and just list two:

1. 99 degrees with 45% humidity is, in one word, nasty 
2. This is actually cooler than it has been here lately.

When it is this hot outside I make every attempt to stay inside unless there is a pool or lake within arm's distance.  It's really better for everyone's sake that I do this since I can get pretty bitchy grumpy if I'm forced to withstand long periods (over 10 minutes) in the Texas heat.

But, I'm working hard on a handful of things in my air-conditioned confines and one of them is a little blog face-lift, yay!  I really want to add this Lindsey Adelman Chandelier DIY to my indoor activity list, too.  I think it's pretty amazing.

Stay cool, peeps.


{image source: lindsey adelman studio}

p.s. A few people asked about me about following my blog.  I'm embarrassed to say the followers section has always made me self-conscious.  But, today I caved and added the little gadget to my sidebar.  So, follow me...I promise you, it will make my day!  
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