Monday, August 9, 2010

Hello Mr. Dyson

{photo by LNmaze on flickr}
Ok, I'll be honest: I've always hated the hype over those silly Dyson vacuums.  I thought they were grossly overpriced and who can stand those commercials with the pretentious Dyson designer and his accent?  I clung to my beloved Electrolux as only a die-hard lover of vintage would.  "No! I will not buy into the hyper-allergenic, bag-less, Dyson mantra," I thought to myself.  Sigh.  And then my house was broken into and my lovely Electrolux canister vacuum was stolen and when I went to Best Buy on Saturday I was distracted by the shiny, blue Dyson canister vacuum...on sale.  And I caved.

I bought a Dyson.

And it rocks my world.

I take back everything I said.  Except for the part about the designer...his voice just oozes snob.

Aside from the sale highlight of my weekend, the rest of of our time was pretty low-key.  Poor Dylan was sick since Thursday night and didn't break his fever until Sunday.  We read lots of books, watched Finding Nemo and played a little bit in the yard.  Despite the horrid heat of the day, the evenings are actually really nice outside.  So we sat and looked at our knock-out roses and drank iced tea and watched Dylan play in the dirt and talked about all the plans we have for our little place in the country.  love.

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