Friday, August 6, 2010

Keep your head up high

I saw this stop-motion video on Designmom via SwissMiss and it made me happy.  Can you imagine actually creating this?  The makers shot 60,000 pictures and developed 9,600 prints.  Seriously.

Sometimes I have an overwhelming appreciation for the value of expressed creativity.  Doesn't it feel good to watch such inspiration unfold before your eyes?  Watching this video reminded me that there is so much life out there.   This was a much needed reminder because a few days ago our house was broken into and we were robbed.  I have a lot of thoughts about this: I feel angry and kind of scared.  I feel violated.  I feel thankful that nothing was vandalized.  I feel confused.  I also feel like I could moonlight as a detective--I can't stop looking for clues and I'm pretty sure the officer could have gotten a good fingerprint.  I mean CSI does it.

I digress.  Mostly, I feel sad. Sad that our home was violated.  Sad that we lost our computer and that I hadn't backed it up since January so all of our photos from this year are gone.  Sad that my beloved camera is gone.  Sad that people feel compelled to steal.  I have thought about the thieves that came into our home many times since Tuesday afternoon.  And, usually after cursing their behavior, I can't help but grieve for the life they lead.  The song in the video is I and Love and You by Avett Brother's. Edit: Sorry, this is totally wrong.  The song in the video is actually Johannes Stankowski (Werle & Stankowski).  You can download a free ringtone and MP3 here!  Check out the Avett Bros, too!

One of the lyrics is:

"Take it easy, keep your head up high.
No need for sorrow and despair.
Just keep on movin', it's such a
wondrous world out there."

I love that I can choose to see my world as wondrous.  I didn't always think it worked that way, but it does: It's a choice.  And I guess that's what makes me so sad for the people who robbed us: they are more broken than I know.  I hope one day they choose to see how big and bright and good this world can be.


Thursday, August 5, 2010

Dwell in Possibility

Lately I've been thinking of Ms. Emily Dickinson's preference to "dwell in possibility". I have to admit, dwelling the possibility of things is not the natural course of action for me. I lean more towards the overwhelmed and intimidated tendencies. At least when it comes to new things. Like starting a blog. Geez! I've been thinking about starting a blog for about two years now. I know, that's ridiculous to just consider something for that long and not take action. I guess I'm a tad crazy, but as Willie Nelson says, "I may not be normal, but no body is..." That's a comforting thought, isn't it?

So a tip of the hat to Ms. Dickinson and a deep breath as I jump out into the blog-o-sphere. I hope to share that which I find beautiful and inspirational. I seem to come across something on one of my many blog stops each day and have wanted, for a while now, to have a little spot to catalog it all. If nothing else, Meyer on the Wire will exist solely for my creative archiving purposes. And as we say to my two-year-old, Dylan, "Ready, Set, GO!"

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