Friday, September 30, 2011

Happy weekend...

Isn't this photo amazing?  It's of Drew Barrymore's grandmother, Dolores Costello, who was known as the "Goddess of the Silver Screen." I think she's absolutely spell-binding.  And just gorgeous!  

Speaking of thespians, I'm leaving work early to watch my little actor in his Celebrating Cultures Parade at school.  It should be pretty hilarious / endearing.  I always get a kick out of watching Dylan in front of a crowd.  His level of interaction is pretty hit or miss, but last time he belted out the song at the top of his lungs and then bowed at the end.  We'll see if he's shy and timid this time.  But, after his soccer theatrics I've been wondering if he belongs in an acting class.

We have a weekend full of organizing, cleaning and cooking up some casseroles to freeze.  I'm having surgery next Thursday so this is my last chance to get things in order before I'm ordered to bed.  Eeeks!

Here are some fun links to love...

I found this post about Dolores and the beautiful Barrymore women fascinating.

I don't know how this is possible, but there is a National Coffee Day and I didn't know about it.

Speaking of coffee!  We use this magical machine to make ours.  It is so good.

I'm definitely making this snack this weekend.  You should, too!

The Diner En Blanc looks out of this world in the best possible way.  How do the French get it so right?

Plus some Meyer on the Wire posts you may have missed:


Missing kitty

Our kitty, Colette, has gone missing.  I'm feeling less than optimistic about her disappearance, but I'm making myself hold out hope.  Her brother, Fonze, has been so upset; searching for her here and there and crying.  It's the saddest thing.

So, keep your fingers crossed we find her.  I keep expecting her to appear at our front door and want inside to eat...

Image of me with Django, Fonze and Colette (she has white paws).

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Funny notecards

People are so funny, especially whoever created these hilarious notecards.  So witty!
Buy some, here.


The prints + patterns by textile extraordinaire, Luli Sanchez.  I think any of these would look pretty framed as artwork, don't you?

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Plum Jam

Doesn't this video make you want to whip up a batch of homemade jam?

What's your favorite kind of jam?  Our very favorite is Mayhaw--ever tried it?  It's so incredibly delicious and I think it's the prettiest jam, too: it's pink!

P.S. I have a weakness for these jars.

Video via Camille Styles


Have you ever shopped at asos?  I bought this boyfriend blazer before we went to San Francisco and I adore it.  Asos sells clothes, accessories and shoes for women and men and the inventory is pretty amazing (there are over 200 new items added a day).  Plus, right now they're having 50% off!

Monday, September 26, 2011

Crushing On ♥ Coline

Coline is the perfect mix of adorable + chic,  n'est-elle pas?

Via Creature Comforts.

Favorite Things: Weekend Recap

This weekend flew by!  I spent most of it hunting treasures at Roundtop, so I'm especially missing my boys today and wishing we were on a road trip to somewhere up north right now...

Here are some of my favorite moments from the weekend.

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