Tuesday, October 4, 2011

The Sweetest Superhero

Dylan decided to be an old man for Halloween this year, and to this Mom that means one thing: he isn't going as Spiderman!

While I was mentally celebrating a Superhero-less Halloween, I came across this photo of Paul and my disregard for the superhero movement faltered momentarily.  I'm pretty sure this is the sweetest superman to ever walk the earth.  I'm guessing that one of these days I'll have to come to terms with Dylan dressing up as Spiderman or Batman or the Green Hornet (hopefully before he is seven and not randomly during his thirties).  But if my little guy looks as sweet as his Dad did I may not mind.

To be clear: if Dylan wanted nothing more in the world than to dress like Spidey for Halloween then I would let him.  But I wouldn't have to like it.  These Superheros bug me.   And, as is the case with most things that bug parents, your kid loves it!  Mind-numbing banging?  Kids just can't get enough of it!  Endless whining games?  Their favorite past time!  Bob the Builder's voice?  Music to their ears!

Go figure, right?

Maybe Bob the Builder's creepy voice put me over the edge or maybe this is one of my Debbie Downer Mommy moments but, guess what: I don't like you Spiderman.  Or you either Batman and Ironman.  You guys are weird, you all have lame comebacks and I can make a better costume than all of yours put together.  I've deftly avoided your tacky bedding and annoying toys for almost four years {exception made for last minute Easter basket Spiderman pajama addition} and I'll do my best to make it through the next four without getting to know any of you any better.

For the record: I hold no judgement towards anyone who gives into their child's Superhero love-fest. I'll have you know I blatantly bribe my child to get out of buying said Superhero items so you should probably judge me.  But don't worry, I'm going to get mine soon.  Dylan asked for a Super Spiderman and Batman birthday party the other day.

Go figure.

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  1. Just catching up... lots of blogging lately... I love it! And I am with you on the character LOVE... I swore up and down that I would never throw a character party or even buy my child character t-shirts... and alas I have done both... already! Thank you Elmo! And now it is Mickey Mouse... and let's not forget Buzz... oh my! :) The things we will do for our kiddos! :) Love you and so sorry about your sweet kitty... :( Makes me so very sad!


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