Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Favorite Things: Weekend Recap

Hi loves.  My Monday was so full I felt a bit overloaded.  So, to catch up, here are a few weekend moments I loved thinking about during my very on Manic Monday.

After soccer, Dylan and I ran to the grocery store.  I've been splurging and going to the gourmet one lately.  The food is just so much better and, I admit, I just love walking around the store.

Dylan loved the lobsters.  Poor guys...

I loved this clever Obsessive Chopping cutting board.  Wouldn't it make a fun gift?  

 And, of course, my weakness for Weck Jars.  They're just so pretty!

I picked up some Lemon Fettuccine!

 Eiffel Tower pasta!

Pac-man candy.  This took me back, man.

We saw the Lion King with my sister, Kim, and niece, Brooke.  It was so good.  I got chills at the beginning and teared up (again) when Mufhasa died.  Dylan loved it!
 Dylan practicing his pouncing after the movie. Can you spot him?

 This just makes me laugh.  Dylan in our construction zone of a backyard.  Porch in progress...

I'm dreaming of the yummy grilled cheese sandwiches I made on Sunday,

 And I love that Dylan lines up all of his toys...

Hope you all had a wonderfully happy weekend.

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