Tuesday, October 4, 2011


I'm facing the hard reality that our sweet Colette is forever gone.

Five years ago when Paul and I were living in Houston, I had a weak moment when I took our other cat to the vet and ending up bringing home Colette and her brother, Fonz.  Funny fact: I had two weak moment animal adoptions in college and they still live with my parents (ha!).  Thanks Mom + Dad! : )

Colette was tiny, only nine pounds full grown, and I always thought it was cute that Fonz was so much bigger than her.  We called her our commercial kitty because she always seemed to find a spot and position that looked like some kind of advertisement.  She was really pretty, too and I often couldn't resist cuddling her against her will.

I'll miss watching her nimbly climb to the highest spot she could find, turning on the water faucet for her to get a drink (seriously) and seeing her and Fonz lovingly clean each other or taking naps together like they did since they were kittens.  I know they are cats, but I can't help wanting to explain to Fonz why she isn't with us anymore or somehow know he is comforted by the extra love we've been giving him.  I've realized that even cats can be sad: he seems so lost and lonely without her.

We live out in the country, so coyotes and foxes and even bobcats (!) come with the territory. But, even though it's all a part of nature I can't help wish whatever got her could have found a wild rabbit or some other animal who wasn't so well loved to eat.  This may make me seem like a total nut, but I can't stop myself from imagining the attack and cringing with despair.  I hope her death was quick and I am glad her little life was full of love and lots of great naps.

Bye sweet Colette.  We'll miss you always.

Top image of Fonz {left} + Colette {right}
Bottom image of Colette + Fonze as kittens.

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