Tuesday, September 14, 2010

A confession...

{image via sharon montrose}

I had a little inkling that my blogging would come to an abrupt halt.  I sorta thought that I would start this blog and then abandon it.  Maybe I set myself up for failure, but for what it's worth, I continued to think about my little creation, about all the possible entries I could be blogging about.  But, then I would become engrossed in potty training and dinosaur wrestling and work deadlines...and Project Runway and my poor, newly christened Meyer on the Wire would be left with a dismal August 9 blog post.  Each day a sad reminder of my lackluster blogging ability.

Poor, poor blog.  You have no readers, the least I can do is pay attention to you!

So, here goes: my re-attempt as a committed blogger.  Since my dear, sweet friend is an ultimate blogger who, upon discovering my depressed little blog and its sad amount of content, still added me to her blog roll I am now convincing myself that this may or may not result in the occasional blog visit.  I may be a terrible blogger, but I have never been a terrible hostess.  So, in an effort to be a courteous blog host, I'll try my very hardest to keep up the blogging for any hypothetical future visitors.  And even if no one comes, I'll just tell myself they may one day.   Hypothetically.

In other news....I came across this baby porcupine photo in my files today.  It's by Sharon Montrose and it makes me laugh.  Sharon takes studio portraits of tons of different animals...including people.  I bought Paul the two vulture prints for his birthday a few years back.  (One day I will explain Paul's vulture phenomenon.)  Sharon opened a new Animal Print Shop where you can purchase various sizes of a huge variety of adorable animal prints.  Wouldn't one of these would make a great baby shower gift?  I'd love to get this little guy for Dylan's room, too!


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  1. Hehehe! It worked!!! Love it! Love you! Love the prickly animal! :)


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