Friday, September 17, 2010

Little Miss Perfect...

In my morning blog hop I ran across this hilarious post via Say Yes to Hoboken.  Please read.  It will make you laugh, I promise.  It totally made my morning.

I adore the blogs I read and come across on an daily basis.  I find so many blogs that are beautiful, that are inspiring, that make me feel connected to other creative people around the world.  But here's the thing: sometimes I find myself trying to keep up with the perfectly staged, beautifully created worlds I view on blogs.

Then Perfectionist Steph has an inner temper tantrum.  It goes something like this:

Perfectionist Steph:  "I can't dooooooo it!  I can't keep up!  My camera was stolen HOW will I properly document my baking post?

"Normal" Steph: "Wait, am I doing a baking post?"

Perfectionist Steph: "Of course you are!  Remember?  In support of your brand-new gluten-free, sugar-free lifestyle, you are going to do a step-by-step, perfectly staged post on how to cook the most delicious and fabulous gluten-free, sugar-free muffins.  And you won't even use flour!"

"Normal" Steph:  "Oh. I'm way behind."

Perfectionist Steph:  "Yes.  yes you are. And you gave your child a Chick-Fil-A egg and cheese muffin this morning.  And you didn't wipe the coffee stains off of the kitchen island when you left the house.    And your car is. disgusting. And have you seen how much laundry you have to do? And p.s. last night's rotisserie chicken and salad did not constitute making dinner.

"Normal" Steph:  {blank stare}

Perfectionist Steph can be a bi-otch.  I think that's why, when I started this blog a month ago, I ended up abandoning it for a few weeks.  I felt overwhelmed.

I fully support and admire the beautiful, the inspiring, the creative and the motivational of the blog-world.  That's why I started this blog--to post on the many amazing things I see each day.  To me, blogs are endless little archives of the best and most gorgeous life moments.  Recipes, photography, art, music, media, humor, self-reflection...I love reading about all of it.  But, I have to remind myself that life moments are funny regardless of the state of my house or the check-list of good mother deeds I complete before 7 am in the morning.

I thought about posting this funny picture of Dylan a few weeks ago, but didn't because of several factors I found too horrifying to expose.  I am now listing these embarrassments for your viewing pleasure.  You should know, despite these admissions, that I look really hot today.

True Life:  An un-staged, snap shot of Steph Meyer's child + living room:
1. Gross floor.  And, just to be brutally honest here, those spots were from a previous day.  Or week.

2a.-2b. Toddler art on non-toddler art home objects.  From a previous day.  Or week.

3. Fruit Loops.  I know.  And they were the real deal.  Not the "organic" brand.  I was probably having a bowl, too.

4. Gross coffee table spots.  And yes, I know there are more than three stains.  I just got tired of sizing/rotating the arrows.

5. Three foot curtain "pool".
Note:  Three feet is too much "pool" for curtains.  You probably already know this, but if you don't then remember: 
Don't leave measurements at home and then call husband for said measurements while at the fabric store. Should said incident happen again, subtract at least 36 inches from total measurement husband gives you.  
Disclaimer: after 21/2 years with curtains like this, we finally fixed them.  We are so on it.

6. I have no idea why this blanket was on our lovely college-esque excuse of a television stand, but I can tell you that instead of moving it I passed by it and looked at it a few times (weeks).

7. The cord situation is just....sigh.  And I can see how it could appear to certain people as a potential hazard for oh, I don't know, a two year old, but, as you can see, Dylan is clearly content in his rocking chair.  Thank God you can't see the stains on the seat.

little miss less than perfect


  1. How do you live with yourself.?! Non organic fruit loops is my fav... The horror! I fed Caden a tortilla and a piece of cheese the other day for breakfast because we were out of waffles...the organic waffles of course!! Ha!! Love you miss perfect!

  2. Hi Steph, it's Lauren {formerly Howard} Ribelin. I love your blog- thanks for posting it on FB so I could find it. I've had a blog for 3 years now and I understand reading a blog and thinking it looks to perfect and wanting to barf over it. Who's life is perfect anyways? Not mine I assure you ;-) Just wanted to let you know that I am now a dedicated reader as I love your writing style and pictures!


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