Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine's Day, lovelies!  Hope you all had a nice weekend.  It looks like my little family is on the edge of approaching some kind of normalcy after two weeks of sickness:  Dylan went back to school today and I'm back at work.  Poor, sweet Paul is fighting off a terrible toothache at the dentist right now so I'm hoping it won't be a serious issue and we'll all be back to our full, healthy selves very soon.

Dylan has a Valentine's Party (including a dance off : / ) at his school this afternoon, so I'm heading out early today.  Yesterday, we made adorable crayon hearts.  Dylan loved breaking the crayons and then watching them melt in the oven.

In honor of this day o' love: Lauren Fleishman's heart-warming photo series of couples married fifty years or more (!) (via Cup of Jo).  Plus, Anthropologie's wedding boutique, BHLDN (Beholden), launched today.  So pretty!  And, cheeky love pillows.


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  1. LOVE the crayon hearts, Steph! And I DOUBLY love that y'all are heading back to normal... I am so glad that everyone is feeling better!! Love y'all!! Happy Valentine's Day!!


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