Monday, November 15, 2010

Pretty Flags DIY

{all images courtesy of Project Wedding, Oh Happy Day!}

I saw this Flag DIY by Jordan Ferney of Oh Happy Day! a while ago, but was recently thinking of making these for Dylan's birthday party next month.  Of course, these flags are great because they would look good for any event really.  You don't need much of an excuse to make them! 

Flag Sculpture DIY

Materials Needed: 
Dowels (strong enough to place them in the grass), Fabric (we chose varying hues of yellow) 
Sewing Machine, Scissors, Elmers Glue, String, Tape, Large Bowl

1. Cut out the shapes of flags that you want. The shorter flags work better than the longer lengths. 
2. Fold a flap of fabric over on one side and sew a space big enough for the dowel to fit in.

3. Taking the large bowl, add about 2 cups of Elmer's Glue. 
Then mix in 1/3 cup water and stir until it is completely mixed in.

Step 4. Dip Flag into the glue mixture (with dowel already inserted) until it is completely covered. 
Remove some of the excess glue with your hands but make sure 
it still has a generous amount of glue covering the surface.

5: Hang the flags to dry by taping the dowels to the string. 
Make sure the string is level and is in a place that isn't windy (somewhere like a garage is best).
Line the area below the dripping flags with newspaper or scrap materials to prevent mess.

Flags should dry and harden within 12 hours and you'll have yourself some cute flags to decorate your event.

♥ ♥ 

Jordan always comes up with the best DIY projects!  This sweet flag project was posted on Project Wedding, which offers an endless amount of DIY's that can be used for any kind of party, plus it has beautiful wedding things-something I never tire of seeing.

Have a happy Monday.  I don't know about you, but I'm kind of fighting the Monday blues.  I want to be at home!


p.s. Don't you covet that dress the model is wearing?  I seriously love it.

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