Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Maira Kalman + inspiration

Maira Kalman is an amazing, amazing illustrator, writer and creative.  This morning I read something she said in an interview:

"I do everything I do because I love to do it, even when I worry or am confused or slightly in despair. Those feelings usually pass. And then the next day is there.  
Always a good thing. The next day."

To me, a good quote is like those yummy Flintstone vitamins I took when I was little:  I can never have enough.  

If you haven't already read Maira's book, The Principles of Uncertainty, you should.  It's just a fun book to own.  And keep out on your coffee table to thumb through and then realize you just spent an hour thumbing through it.  Dylan loves her children's books, too.  We have this one and this one.  Whenever I pick up her books I think: "I want to be her friend," and then, "I wish I was good at drawing."  And, really, I am a terrible drawer.  It has happened, on multiple occasions, that I have drawn a requested 'thing' for Dylan and he simply looks at me in confusion.  It's as if he is 32-years-old and thinking, "Mom, what the hell is that?  Because I asked for a monkey."



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