Monday, October 4, 2010

Fall nesting...

Fall has always instilled a kind of nesting desire in me.  Maybe it's the way the sun is warm without feeling too hot and how all the trees and grasses seem filtered by autumn's cozy light. Maybe it's the yummy scents of clove and allspice and the thought of pumpkin bread and apple cider.   It could very well be that winter in Houston is hardly winter at all and my mid-west heart will always long for the four established seasons of my youth.  Whatever it is, something about the fall makes me want to clean and organize, bake and cook, create and collect.  This fall I've felt especially homesick when I am away from our little country place.  It feels good to have a home that is missed--even during the day.

I think these collections are amazing.  I recently started collecting pottery and found a number of pieces over the weekend.  Mine are in shades of green, which is different for me since I'm drawn to white and cream.  These photos make me want a collection of both.

Wherever you are, I hope your day is as gorgeous a day as ours is here in Houston.  It is fall perfection.



  1. What kind of pottery do you collect? I collect McCoy in the white and creams and certain colors. I'm always on the hunt for them when in antique stores!

  2. i'm with fall! this weather is amazing right now!

  3. lauren-i collect mccoy and hager! don't you just love scouring antique shops. i could spend all day in them. do you go to roundtop at all? i picked up about ten pieces of mccoy and hager for less than $10 each!

  4. I have thought of starting to collect Haeger- will have to do more research so I can spot a real one from a fake! I have found some really unusual McCoy pieces since moving up North that I never saw in Texas. I can't remember if I blogged about them or not...Have not found an antiquing buddy up here yet. I live one hour from the Antique Captial of the US- no joke!


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