Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Affordable Art

I've come to really appreciate the texture art adds to our life.  Living with art has provided our family so many memorable moments.  The other night while we we eating dinner, Dylan spent nearly ten minutes talking about the painting on the wall and how he thought it needed more black (his favorite color).  Sometimes when I walk into a room the light is hitting a painting just so that suddenly I see it in a completely new way.  Purchasing art isn't at the top of every budget list, so when I come across beautiful and affordable art, I'm always encouraged.  Thanks to sites like 20x200, Art.com and Etsy, great affordable art is more accessible than ever.

The lyrical poster above is featured in the new issue of Lonny and is less than $120.  I think this duo would look beautiful in any room in the house.

psst...We use these frames for most of the artwork in our house, but I love Jordan's tutorial, too!

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