Wednesday, January 5, 2011

big family photo prints

My niece, Sabine, took this photo of Dylan on New Year's Day.  I find it equal parts hilarious + fabulous + weird.  We are thinking of getting a super-sized print of it made.  I just have to decide if I want the color or the black + white version.  I mentioned, recently, that I had 3 dedicated readers, but I had a few people inform me they actually read my blog, too.  So, to my now 5 or 7 dedicated readers { = ) }: what do you think: color or black + white?

Here are some more family photos done in a big way.  So fun, right?
{I just noticed they are all in color...}


{image 1, 2, 3}


  1. Color! Gotta see those gorgeous eyes in all their glory! I enjoy reading your blog. You've got a great eye for all things fabulous! Caden's KK

  2. i like the color! its my desktop background right now! but the black and white might go better in your home...i guess that didn't help at all!

  3. You have MORE than 3 readers... silly girl! You got three in my fam alone!! :) I love the color too!! I didn't even realize it was Dylan until I read your text... crazy, crazy!! He has changed so much Steph!! Who is that big boy?!!! :) Love you!

  4. I love the black and white! And I'm sure you have a zillion readers. I sent half of my contacts your amazing rainbow cake post. Love the blog! Yay for 5NN friends :)

  5. whoo-hoo! most comments ever! i don't care if it makes me lame: this made me so happy! it looks like color is the favorite. now...let's see if i can find the follow through and actually get the photo printed...

  6. so i am a bit later than everyone else, but i am on board for color as well! what a fun picture that your niece captured! good luck with the print!

  7. I read your blog too! I think color because of the red of his shirt and the color of his hair.
    Happy New Year Steph!

  8. I've been a blogger for 3 years now and 9 comments is a lot!! That means you have more readers than you think. I've learned not everyone likes to comment as much as I do. This is a hard decision...if pushed to choose I say do the b/w one big but fram a 4x6 or 5x7 of the color to put elsewhere. Or vice versa!


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