Friday, November 5, 2010

happy weekend...

After a recent heatwave of 90 degree, humid weather, it finally feels like fall again. Today, it was 67, breezy and sunny.  I wore these foxy tights.  My co-worker, BB, and I also went to Cracker Barrel (don't worry, we didn't actually eat) to pick up some fun stocking stuffers.  If you didn't know already, the Cracker Barrel gift shop is a hidden gem.  You just have to get over the Yankee Candle smell and navigate around countless bluehairs. I tried on some 3D glasses that made Christmas lights look like snowflakes so it should at least get points for that.  I can't show you my purchases because some readers are receivers (hi katie and ellie).  I'll give you a hint though: most of it is sweet!

Paul's cousins + their families are in town this weekend and I can't wait to hang out with everyone tomorrow.  I am so glad they all fly in from the corners of the U.S. (San Francisco and Brooklyn to be exact).  It's so fun to get together with them.  The last time I saw two of the couples was our wedding and, let's just face it, there isn't a whole lotta down time when it's your wedding weekend.  Here's to good family and lots of food.

And here's some link love for your pretty fall weekend...

Can we just talk about how awesome these shoes are?  

Kids + Design.  We really can have both!

Juxtaposition.  (This photo makes me reconsider my hatred of the word.)

I really Dylan really wants these for Christmas.

All I need is this and a big pitcher of milk.

The perfect holiday purse!

I hope this weekend you are this happy...


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