Monday, October 18, 2010

hello again.

Sometimes a little break is good for the soul.  And sometimes you don't realize it until after you've neglected said somethings for a week.  Just like I did to my sad little blog.  But, I am back.  Hello.  Although I wish I could say I return to you all well-rested after hours of divine pampering.  And confess {brag} that I now have a terrifically clean house and an entire week of gourmet meals prepared.  I'm guessing you would know I was lying and you'd probably also guess that I spent the entire weekend working on Dylan's Halloween costume and that my house is still covered in feathers and felt remnants and I have a crick in my neck from slouching in front of the sewing machine.

You know me so well.

A few questions:

1. Has anyone else broken three (or more!!) iPhones?  Or is it just me?

2.  Have you gotten your mums yet?

3. Ok, so this isn't a question, but I can't resist.  
I shamelessly present to you, the cutest monster costume. Ever.  {Tail and Hat to follow}

4. Can someone please buy me this fabric? 

5.  Have you visited P is for Party yet?  My friend, Christi, just unveiled her new blog design and it is fabuloso!  Congrats Christi!

{image via P is for Party via Kiki La Ru}

Hope you are having a wonderful day, even if it is a Monday and you have a cracked cell phone.  Did you know that those screen protectors keep the glass shards out of the side of your face?  At least, mine has so far.  

It's my mom's birthday today.  Happy, happy birthday Mom. I love you and am so thankful for you!


p.s. I'm getting my hair cut tomorrow like this.  What do you think?  


  1. Sweet Blog, Stephanie, have you heard of an Otter Box - it allows, basically, life to happen even though you are a mom with an iPhone, and your phone is safe. I have dropped it in home depot and the kids have flung it across the room "discussing" whose turn it is to play simon says-fart- edition. Best Buy for 35 bucks. Sweet blog and family,
    The Woodlands

  2. Love the costume...can you rub some of your creativity off on me! I think that haircut will look fabulous on you! Can't wait to see it! By the way, the move was postponed until this I will be calling soon for a date. Love you!

  3. LOVE LOVE LOVE the hair cut... DO IT! Love the costume... BUT will LOVE it more when a sweet little toddler named Dylan wears it. AND sorry about your phone... ug! :) Welcome back from the break! :)

  4. We just bought mums for our front door- pumpkin is next on the agenda. Love the costume and the new hairdo idea pic!


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