Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Paul's Artwork

Sacred Hoop

Today I'd love to share my talented husband's artwork with you.  Paul paints on canvases and uses materials such as plaster, resin, paint, burlap, wood and other found objects.  His paintings are highly textured and feel almost sculptural.  We have several hanging in our house and I love how each one looks different depending on the light of the day.

Ballad of Saint Rose
On Returning to Worship the Ruins


Saint Quebrantahuesos

This Thursday, an art benefit is being held in Paul's honor.  This is the first showing Paul has had in his hometown, and we are both nervous and excited.  We are also blown away by the support we have received since Paul's accident, and overwhelmed that so many people came together to organize this event.

You can view more of Paul's artwork here.  I'll be sure to post details on the benefit!


p.s. Thanks for all of your sweet and thoughtful comments.  I was thinking late last night that I had failed to mention the outpour of love and support so many of you were a part of when Paul was in the hospital and during the hardest parts of his recovery. As difficult as this time has been for us, the love we've felt has turned a traumatic event into a profound experience.  From the bottom of my heart, I thank all of you.

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